A Note From Chris - September 8, 2022

As we are working through the first half of the book of Acts as a church on the weekend and subsequently in our on-campus groups, I am reminded virtually every time we are together as a church of the privilege of gathering. The early church started meeting together right out of the gate, because they found the incredible value of living out not simply a personal faith, but a corporate faith – growing in Christ together.

The fall is always filled with lots of “gathering” opportunities around Cornerstone. Take a look at just a few of the opportunities in our church for you to gather and connect with others for your growth and the growth of others as well.

Groups – Various Days
After a month of signups, groups are launching this week. On campus groups are an excellent way to grow with others on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights or Sunday afternoons. The on-campus groups provide childcare as needed, and are studying Acts together over 10 weeks with a study in disciple making.

In-home groups are going all across our community, and some new groups are actively launching.

If you’ve not yet connected in a group, it’s not too late. Check out the options available on the website, and reach out there if you have questions about openings and availability.

Kid’s Club - Wednesdays
Our children’s ministry re-launched our Wednesday pm kids program this week, with an exciting and fun opportunity for kids PreK-5 to grow and explore Jesus together. Kids Club is seasonal and is a fantastic way to help your kids reinforce the values and Scripture into their lives during the week. Check out the Kids Club page for information and registration.

Middle School and High School Ministry – Wednesdays
Both age groups meet each Wednesday on campus in Shiloh for a time of fun, time in the Word, and time gathering with other students and leaders in their “tribes.” This is a fantastic time for your student to get to know other students and develop relationships with adult leaders. See the details here.

Worship Services – Sundays
I literally look forward to Sunday morning all week. It is by far my most favorite time of the week. I get to worship Jesus, share His truth, meet new folks, hear stories of faith, and do all of that alongside you. Much effort is put into making Sunday worship an experience where you can be challenged in faith but also invite a family member or friend for the first time. If you aren’t prioritizing Sunday worship, I hope you’ll start this week by choosing to gather with us each week to lift up Jesus. This weekend, we’ll tackle Acts 4 and the incredible and obedient decision Peter and John make when faced with a challenging situation.

If COVID taught us nothing else, it reminded us how special gathering can be. We need each other. We appreciate each other. We grow with each other. So church…let’s gather! See you Sunday!

Yours & His,
Chris VandeLinde

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