A Note From Chris May 13, 2021

By now you have likely heard about the growing crises in Israel, Palestine, and India. 
Please watch the attached video where I share a few thoughts about the situations globally and what we can do to show our support. 

Also, if you would like to find out more about the situations happening overseas, here are a few resources to possibly help you be more educated about not only the current situation but also the ongoing situation with tension in Israel and Palestine and humanitarian needs in India. 

Click here to read an update of the current situation.

Click here for updates from International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

Click here for the Facebook Group that is working hard to bring peace to the Middle East.

Please check out the opportunities available if you would like to give to help with the crises in India regarding COVID-19. Click here.

Can’t wait to share with you Sunday a message from John 6. Please read through that chapter in preparation, and make plans to worship together Sunday!

Yours and His, 
Chris VandeLinde

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