A Note From Chris - July 21, 2022

This week we are blessed to have a guest writer for the Note.
Student Ministers, Micah Balu shares some thoughts.

Student Ministry Summer Camps Are Here!
Cornerstone, I have to tell ya, I am beyond excited for the next two weeks. They are going to be full of early mornings, loud noises, insane games, cafeteria food, less-than-ideal sleeping arrangements and I am really looking forward to it all. Our student ministry is headed to camp!

From July 18-22, 68 students and adult leaders in our High School Ministry will be headed to CIY MOVE in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. MOVE is a five-day program, held in multiple locations across the country each summer, for high school students to experience God. Each week includes daily devotional times, nightly worship celebrations, community discipleship, and challenging messages. The theme this summer is “BROADCAST.” Through an in-depth look at the Parables of Jesus we find in the gospels, our students will see how changed lives become a broadcast about Him to the world. There will be plenty of fun to be had - sports tournaments, a talent show, lots of free time, new friends to meet from other churches - but this week is all about deepening our knowledge of and love for Jesus.

When the high schoolers return, the middle school students head out! July 24-30 we are taking 50 middle schoolers and adult leaders to Oil Belt Christian Service Camp in Flora, IL. The theme of this week is “I’m Gonna Live.” We find life when we follow Jesus. Our 6th-8th graders will learn how to live the lives they were created to live in a distraction-free and fun environment alongside dozens of other students from area churches. There is something awesome that happens when we get away from our normal schedules and dedicate time to dive into God’s Word. We’ll spend time in small group, memorizing scripture, and playing crazy games (it’s camp, c’mon) — all while keeping the main thing, the main thing. Through all the campfires, body odor, and late nights, these middle schoolers will be shown Jesus again and again.

Will you lift them up in prayer these next few weeks? We are asking God to move during this intentional time away. These students are at different points in their faith. Many of them have decisions to make. Decisions that will absolutely change their lives. Having fun is great, but leaving these weeks with a deeper understanding and connection to God is the reason we do what we do.

Micah Balu

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