Staff & Leadership

Meet our Lead Pastor

Chris VandeLinde serves as the Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Church.  Under Chris' leadership, Cornerstone is passionate about seeing people connected to Jesus and their lives transformed, both locally and globally.  He is known for his creative approach to teaching and presenting the Bible.  Chris, his wife, Nicole and their two children are grateful to live this close to baseball heaven.

Meet the Team

Micah Balu

Student Minister
Joined Team:  June 2018
Hometown:  Florissant, Missouri
Alma Mater:  Ozark Christian College (2018)
Favorite Things:  Toasted ravioli, Cardinal baseball, and all things St. Louis.

Lenny Barber

Ministry Associate
Joined Team:  April 2021
Hometown:  St. Louis, Missouri
Alma Mater: Covenant Training Institute (2006)
Favorite Things:  Watching action movies and Chicago PD, eating burgers or anything peanut butter- either smooth or chunky, and football & basketball.

Brittany Bear

Children's Minister
Joined Team:  February 2020
Hometown:  Greenville, Ohio
Alma Mater:  St. Louis Christian College (2014)
Favorite Things:  Drinking multiple cups of coffee, rewatching Gilmore Girls, spending quality time with people, or listening to Harry Potter on Audible.

Ben Browning

Worship Minister
Joined Team:  June 2019
Hometown: Washington, Illinois
Alma Mater:  Lincoln Christian University (2004)
Favorite Things:  Good projects, plenty of laughter, and a great cup of coffee

Torri Davis

Ministry Team Admin
Joined Team:   April 2017
Hometown: Troy, Illinois
Alma Mater:  Liberty University (2009)
Favorite Things:  Being with her family, sarcasm, photography, and binge watching TV shows.

Lisa Engelman

Executive Administrative Assistant
Joined Team:  January 2008
Hometown: Decatur, Illinois
Favorite Things:  Spending time with her husband, Dean and their two children.  Knitting and watching St. Louis University Men's Basketball and the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Tiffany Galdamez

Childcare Coordinator
Joined Team:  June 2017
Hometown:  Elmwood, Illinois
Alma Mater:  Greenville College (2017)
Favorite Things:  Animals, the outdoors (especially the stars), playing guitar, being a mentor, and a good book with a large side of coffee.

Josh Kinney

O'Fallon Campus Pastor
Joined Team:  March 2008
Hometown:  Suburban Atlanta, Georgia
Alma Mater(s):  St. Louis Christian College (2008), Cincinnati Christian University (2012)
Favorite Things:  Spending time with his family, volunteer coaching for youth sports, and watching/attending any sports event (he is a diehard Georgia Bulldogs football fan).

Vicki McGee

Financial Administrator
Joined Team: December 2010
Hometown: Pittsfield, Illinois
Alma Mater(s):  St. Louis Christian College, Hickey Business School
Favorite Things:  Cooking, reading books, and spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren.

Brian McGrew

Facilities Supervisor
Joined Team:  July 2013
Hometown: Belleville, Illinois
Favorite Things:  Spending time with family

Josh Mehrle

Pastor of Operations
Joined Team:  May 2014
Hometown:  Florissant, Missouri
Alma Mater(s):  St. Louis Christian College (2001), Fontbonne University (2009),  Maryville University (2011)
Favorite Things:  Smoking meat on his Traeger, home improvement projects, spending time with three daughters, & reading with a good cup of coffee. 

Seth Scantlin

Tech Minister
Joined Team:  January 2019
Hometown: Shelbina, Missouri
Alma Mater:  Ozark Christian College (2020)
Favorite Things:  Wings and pizza are favorites together.  Play pick up sports, disc golf. Woodworking/home improvement projects and playing guitar. Watching KC Chiefs Football or Cardinals Baseball, Star Wars/Lord of the Rings.

Dusty Schulz

Shiloh Children's Minister
Joined Team:  January 2019
Hometown:  Mountain View, Missouri
Alma Mater:  Ozark Christian College (2020)
Favorite Things:  Running, climbing trees, drinking cheap coffee, and being with people.

Tiffany Snyder-Schulz

Graphic Designer & Photographer
Joined Team:  April 2016
Hometown:  Yokosuka, Japan
Alma Mater(s):  Southwestern Illinois College (2015), Liberty University Online (2018)
Favorite Things:  Reading, baking, and drinking mostly creamer in her coffee.

Raydean Stuckey

Communications Coordinator
Joined Team:  February 2009
Hometown:  Carthage, Missouri
Alma Mater(s):  Southwestern Illinois College, McKendree Universtity (2012)
Favorite Things:  Reading, being on the beach, and spending time with her husband and family.

Kathy Warren

Joined Team:  February 2014
Hometown: Fairview Heights, Illinois
Favorite Things:  Time with friends and family, reading, and movies.

Patrick Wheeler

Pastor of Ministries
Joined Team:  November 2016
Hometown:  Derby, Kansas
Alma Mater:  Ozark Christian College (2009), Lincoln Christian University (2019)
Favorite Things:  Watching The Office, all things sports, drinking Arizona Sweet Tea, and hanging out with his daughters.

Cathy Wright

Pastoral Care Minister
Joined Team:  January 1977
Hometown: Oakley, Kansas
Alma Mater:  Manhattan Christian College
Favorite Things:  Gardening and being outside in her yard.

Cornerstone Residents

Cornerstone has a big heart for pouring into the next generation of ministry workers.  
For this reason, a constant flow of residents have been working around the church since 2017.  

Kaitlyn McLeod

Ministry Resident
Timeline:  June - December 2021
Hometown: Clearwater, Florida
Alma Mater:  Johnson University (2022)
Favorite Things: Exploring, drinking Iced Coffee, and Superheros, and Goats

Ben Strunk

Kids Ministry Resident
Timeline:  June - December 2021
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Alma Mater:  Johnson University (2022)
Favorite Things:  Card games, Food (specifically Pizza), and Napping

Is Residency the right option for you?

 If you are interested in gaining hands-on ministry experience, college credits, and guidance in ministry job-hunting,  check out the information on Cornerstone's Residency program 

Meet our Elders

As an Independent Christian Church, Cornerstone is staff led, but is overseen by a team of elders that is comprised of members of the church body who meet the qualifications for Elders found in 1 Timothy 3, and Titus 1.

Jeremy Clanin

Steve Entrekin

Mark Garst

Lance Guthrie

Ron Langford

Rob Lowe

Corwin Pauly

Dave Watson