A Note from Chris August 5

As we leap into August (believe it or not!), I am confident and encouraged that God is preparing before us a fruitful, meaningful, and exciting season of ministry ahead as a church.

I am praying for a number of things, first, for my own heart and, second, for yours. Here’s a brief insight into some of the things I’m praying for:
  • That I may have peace despite the ups and downs related to COVID.
  • That I will hold firm to my hope and trust in Jesus, and not depend on my own abilities, ideas or opinions.
  • That I will remain dedicated to the mission of Christ through His church-- the hope of the world. God is still using his people as Plan A.
  • That I will be bold in taking risks for Jesus and not shrink back in fear.
  • That I will lead with courage through uncertain times in what a pastor friend calls a “perpetual state of crisis.”
  • That my heart is given to God each day, softened daily by Jesus, to combat the hardening that life tends to bring.
  • That I will model spiritual growth (moving forward with Jesus) and faithfulness to Christ for my family.
  • That I will faithfully pray for opportunities to love and share Jesus with my Ones.
  • That I will be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.
  • That I will live each day wrestling the tension of grace and truth.
Those are just a few of the prayers I’m praying as we enter the Fall. Would you pray with me (and for me!)? God often does His best work when things are not certain and people are struggling to find hope. We have hope-- LIVING hope-- to offer those God has put in our paths. I can’t wait to see what God does in and through us as we jump in together.

A pastor friend posted a variation of this recently. I think it’s a great way to attack August with a spiritual jump-start: Commit to worship like you’ve never worshiped before, give like you’ve never given before, serve like you’ve never served before, encourage like you’ve never encouraged before, pray for Ones like you’ve never prayed before, love like you’ve never loved before.

We are also excited about a few staffing shifts within our team:
  • Micah Balu has moved to a full-time student ministry position and will serve both campuses with our students and families. He helped us launch the O’Fallon Campus a few years back, and has served so faithfully there in students and worship. Our team is praying and searching for a capable worship leader to help fill that critical role. In the meantime, we are excited to welcome a handful of gifted, outside worship leaders in the coming weeks at both O’Fallon and Shiloh to lead us in worship.
  • Lenny Barber, our Ministry Associate, has increased his role with Cornerstone and will be continuing with Cornerstone Anywhere and serving in various other ministry roles including Student Ministry at both campuses.
We are so thankful for the great servant leaders God provides to help us grow the Kingdom together. Love you all!

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