A Note from Chris August 20, 2021

Have you noticed that sometimes when you casually ask someone, “How are you doing?”, instead of the typical greeting of “I’m good” or “Fine, how are you?”, they actually struggle to answer your question? You can tell simply by their body language that instead of a typical greeting, they internally answered your question, and without any actual words, the answer was, “Not so good”. Better question: Have you BEEN that person?

As we enter the fall, we want to take inventory a bit on the well-being of our church. It’s been a long pandemic so far, with seemingly more ahead. So… how are you doing? Would you please oblige and take 5 minutes to run through this quick survey? Like every survey, if more people fill it out, it will work best and help us know how to aim in guiding our church to meet each other’s needs. So don’t delay-- because you know you probably won’t open this email again and do it later. You can simply click on the link here to fill out the survey. Thanks so much in advance for taking time to do that.

This weekend, we are launching a brand new sermon series called, Life Interrupted. Have you noticed that just when you seem to get things going okay, something comes along and interrupts it? Could be life plans with a clear direction or as simple as one day that seems to get constantly uprooted by those pesky interruptions. But what if, to some degree, God actually designed us to live that way? What if those interruptions are God’s invitation to see Him more and to see others differently? Over the next few weeks, here is the breakdown:

  • Week 1: "Pardon the Interruption" – Looking for divine appointments in the midst of interruptions.
  • Week 2: "Dealing With Despair" – What about when the interruption is a life-altering tragedy that no one saw coming? How do we handle that sort of interruption?
  • Week 3: "Making the Call" – Sometimes God uses us as the interruption, the voice of truth, to take the step to mend a relationship, call out a situation, or bring light to a relationship.
  • Week 4: "Eyes Wide Open" – Learning to live in such a way to have our lives open to God opportunities, where we can be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Make plans to join us this weekend, and arrange your schedule to be present for this series. I really believe God is going to do something big in us through it as we grow together. See you Sunday!

Yours & His, 

Chris VandeLinde

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