A Note from Chris July 30, 2021

It’s Time to “Re-Up!”

Fall is right around the corner, and the continued movement toward a new normal in our church programming means it’s time to start thinking about some fall rhythms. Here are two big questions to consider today as you think about you and your family’s involvement with your church family this fall:

1) What does my service outlet look like?  (On a team)

One of the key ways to live out faith is to commit our time to serve others. From children’s ministry to greeters to set-up teams to Next Step workers to group leaders, there are plenty of ways to connect to others and grow in faith together. As the fall is upon us, some areas are amping back up and provide opportunities to serve. Check in here with an area you feel passionate or gifted to serve, or have a conversation with a ministry leader or staff person about how God may use you in the upcoming season.

Specifically, we are looking to solidify adult small group leaders for the fall and beyond. In the coming weeks, we will relaunch our adult groups and provide an ongoing on-ramp for folks to connect with a group. We need to solidify leaders in order to provide the best Has God been preparing your heart to step out as a group leader?

Our groups range from Rooted (recommended for anyone who has not been through it) to Bible-book focused groups to topical groups and everything in between.

To have a conversation about possibly being an adult group leader this fall, please follow this link. If you run into a road block for some reason, you can always just respond to this email and someone will connect with you.

2) What does my involvement look like?  (In a group)

Typically, fall is a big attendance time for Sundays and is a great engagement time for groups. If you’ve been traveling or still feeling the effects of the time off of a regular worship schedule due to COVID craziness, this fall is a great on-ramp for you to re-engage. Join other believers for worship in Shiloh or O’Fallon. Increase your engagement if you are planning to be a long-term part of Cornerstone Anywhere. Start thinking and praying about joining a group, and who you might invite with you to both.

Has God been preparing your heart to increase your engagement with your church?

We are better together. While faith is a personal commitment in so many ways, God has given us the church for so many critical components, including encouragement, teaching, accountability, using our gifts, and growing in Christ. Let’s be his church!

On a side note, our team is aware and continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation in our local region and nationally and continues to watch the markers we’ve set to provide the safest and most thoughtful response all along this journey. Please pray for our leaders as we navigate the challenges the ups and downs COVID brings as we aim to honor Christ and love each other and our community well.

Yours and His, 
Chris VandeLinde

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