A Note From Chris - May 19, 2022

This weekend, we have two baptisms scheduled at Shiloh. Every single time someone chooses Jesus and surrenders their lives to him in obedience to baptism, we throw a minor party and thank God. Whether it’s a child making a first-time decision, an adult turning from sin and choosing Christ, or a life-long believer recognizing their need to obey Jesus’ command and be immersed, every single decision is one we celebrate, because God celebrates when we take next steps in faith.

Since Easter, Cornerstone has seen 26 baptisms in Christ. Praise God. Perhaps you have been considering baptism or wondering about it, but haven’t taken that step yet. If so, let me encourage you to click here and start a conversation about baptism and what the Bible says about it.

Another huge step is choosing to join a team and serve the Lord with your gifts. We have a huge goal right now through the JOIN THE TEAM initiative to onboard new or returning folks to volunteer roles throughout our church at both campuses and online. Volunteers are the heartbeat of our church. We cannot do all the incredible ministries we do each week without faithful and consistent volunteers. If you are blessed by our church, it is because of consistent and loving volunteers serving Jesus on your behalf. If you’ve been on the sideline for too long and you know it’s time to step and serve, now is a great time to get on board. Click here to get started! God is ready to bless others through you!

Several folks have asked me about resources for apologetics (defending the Christian faith) coming from our “Help Me Understand” sermon series. While there are many great resources out there, here are a few that I’ve found particularly helpful during this series that may bless you if you are interested in looking further into some of these challenging topics.

Another Gospel? - Alisa Childers
The Case for Christ – Lee Strobel (new book: The Case For Heaven)
Cold-Case Christianity – J. Warner Wallace
Finding Your Way Back To God – Dave and Jon Ferguson
God For the Rest Of Us – Vince Antonucci
Irresistible Faith – Scott Sauls
Why I Trust the Bible – William D. Mounce

Podcasts or YouTube:
The Alisa Childers Podcast
Charlie Kirk
Lee Strobel
Ligonier Ministries
Red Pen Logic

Blessings, and hope to see you Sunday as we talk about hell. I promise, it will not be painful for you or your Ones. See you then!

Yours and His,
Chris VandeLinde

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